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Comprehensive & In-Depth Valuation

Free Company Valuation

When you choose to work with Loam, you get a comprehensive company valuation included in your project. We usually charge $10,000 for the valuation because it takes time and deep expertise to get it right. Some people have told us we were underpriced for the value, even at that price point.

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Admit it, you're always wondering how much your business is worth.

Every business owner regularly thinks about their business value. Statistically, it comes up in your mind at least weekly. And that makes sense considering your business is going to be 90%+ of your net worth, and the sale of it will most likely be the biggest transaction of your life!

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What's In a Company Valuation?

Your Business Valuation will outline how much your company is worth and the justification behind it.

We provide a detailed, rigorous company valuation so you can know how much your business is worth in the marketplace. Perfect if you've received an unsolicited offer, are planning ahead, or are ready to sell. Our in-depth valuations include a deep dive into your financial performance, tangible and non-tangible assets, and comparable businesses that have sold recently.

Financial Performance & Key Asset Characteristics
Understand the financials of the business and the attributes that reduce risk and create scalability and growth potential.
Talent, Leadership & Management Structure
Assess the people focused aspects of the organization and the ability of the organization to operate without you.
Predictable Revenue via Sales and Marketing
Evaluate the business development and revenue management cycles of the organization for repeatability and process.
Client Retention, Delivery, and Contracts
Evaluate the organizations ability to deliver consistent quality of service and the nature of the client relationships.


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