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The Best System for Selling Your Business

We Help Business Owners Like You.

Discover the Actionable System Used by the Top 1% of Small & Mid-Size Business Owners to get More Profits and Bigger Exits.

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Getting Started

The Ultimate Exit-Ready Ownership System

Developed by business owners for business owners. Designed to help business owners like you build better businesses whether you plan to sell in two months or twenty years.

Step 1:
Preparing You to Sell Your Business

Exit-Ready Owners understand the selling process and have a personal and business plan, with the tools and skills needed to reach their goals and maximize their company's value.

Key Outcomes:
> Company Valuation
> Personal Financial Exit Plan
> Go-to-Market Strategy

Step 2:
Preparing Your Business To Sell

Key actions you take can increase the value of your business significantly. Whether you're selling tomorrow or in two years. You'll be more independent and your business more valuable.

Key Outcomes:
> Reduce Owner Dependence
> Predictable Revenue
> Standard Operating System

Step 3:
Find the Right Buyers & Deal

The biggest transaction of your life can be daunting. We help you build the team to sell, find a buyer and ideal payment structure, handle tax and legal implications and negotiations.

Key Outcomes:
> Build Your Transaction Team
> List Your Business
> Negotiate & Close the Deal



Step One

Preparing Yourself
to Sell Your Business

Every business owner will someday exit their business. Our work together is to make sure it's on your terms. We work to ensure you are mentally, financially, and emotionally prepared to receive exactly what you've always dreamed of when you are ready.

Business Owner Exit-Ready Icon

Personal Exit Plan:
Financial, Freedom, & Legacy

Exit-Ready owners are building companies ready to sell. The first step is being ready personally. Understanding your financial needs helps you know and decide about every other aspect of your business. From your independence and freedom to how you incentivize others.

Company Valuation:
Know Your Worth & Understand Why

Your company valuation helps you understand what buyers will be willing to pay for your business. This knowledge then gives the levers for increasing those values by attribute. Resulting in a more profitable business and successful sale.

Closing the Gap:
Custom Plan for Reaching Your Goals

The Owner's Gap is the most important part of your exit preparation. Whether you're planning far a head or for next month. The Gap is the distance between your personal goals and your current valuation. We measure the gap and build a personal plan for how to bridge the gap on your timeline.
STEP 1: Services to Prepare You as an Owner to be Exit-Ready
Loam Exits helps business owners like you get prepared and exit-ready. Knowing exactly how to sell your business and what it will take to get your dream exit on a timeline that matters to you.

Being educated and prepared brings confidence and significantly better deals. Start by knowing what you want and how to get there.

Owner Coaching (By the Hour)

Don't guess. Let us help you get unstuck and get what you want with one-on-one (exit-ready) business owner coaching.

  • For Owners Who Need Help:
  • ✅ Choosing your financial / freedom goals
  • ✅ Calculating your company valuation
  • ✅ Direction on achieving goals
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Know it all already
  • ❌ Are Ok with standing in their own way
  • ❌ Won't do the work
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8-Week Intensive Owner Program

Bootcamp covering exits top-to-bottom, helping you become exit-ready to achieve your financial, freedom, and legacy goals.

  • For Owners Who:
  • ✅ Want to become an exit expert
  • ✅ Need to know how it all works
  • ✅ Need a Company Valuation
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Want to guess how exits work
  • ❌ Won't ask for help from experts
  • ❌ Have it all figured out already
8-Week Exit-Ready Program



Step Two

Preparing Your Business
To Sell for Maximum Value

Focusing on your business and not just in it will dramatically improve your current cash flow, freedom, and peace of mind. Three core areas drive the best results, and all of them are about creating systems that make your business more predictable and repeatable.

Company Exit-Ready Plan Icon

Operating System: Running Smoothly Without the Owner

As a business owner, your business isn't transferrable if you always need to step in and help ensure things happen. You'll make more money today, find additional freedom as an owner, and build a more sellable business by establishing a company operating system for how work gets done and by whom.

Predictable Revenue: Sales, Marketing & Business Offering

If you're always one big sale away from figuring it out. Sales and marketing are constantly pointing fingers at each other for missing projections. Or finance can't tell what your month will look like until they close it... you need help. Predictable revenue is possible for your business and necessary for the biggest exits.

Smarter Financials: Better Contracts & Purchasing

Your finances can't be an afterthought. Clear, thoughtful financials create higher profits and more opportunities today. If you're selling, they'll be a key part of your process (due diligence) and will either scare away or give confidence to buyers.
STEP 2: Services to Get Your Business Exit-Ready & Higher Performing
Loam Exits helps businesses become more profitable and predictable. These two traits help business owners who plan to sell in the next two months or twenty years. Healthy, profitable businesses are sellable businesses.

Weekly Business Owner Coaching

Let our coaches help you assess and transform your business with personal, one-hour weekly meetings .

Straight talk from advisors who have built, bought, and sold as owners themselves.

  • For Business Owners Who:
  • ✅ Don't want to guess or wing it
  • ✅ Understand the power of coaching
  • ✅ Want to be more profitable
  • ✅ Want to change faster
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Have perfect, exit-ready businesses
  • ❌ Don't need & wont do the work
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Project: Predictable

Your business depends on your business offering, sales, and marketing to all work flawlessly together.

Get predictable revenue in just six weeks of intense work by our team of experts.

  • For Business Owners Who:
  • ✅ Are always one sale away
  • ✅ Rely on the owner to close deals
  • ✅ Have teams pointing fingers
  • ✅ Need more profitable sales channels
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Have accurate forecasts & revenue
  • ❌ Have all all the business they need
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Project: SwimLanes

Creating autonomy and accountability comes from clear expectations. Giving you, as the owner, time to focus.

8-week project gets your company clear on all roles, including yours.

  • For Business Owners Who:
  • ✅ Need more time
  • ✅ Need to help their managers
  • ✅ Have internal confusion / conflict
  • ✅ Want clear roles & responsibilities
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Don't need a team to succeed
  • ❌ Have accountability for each role
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Project: Streamline

We focus on operational excellence in project management, purchasing, proposals, operations, and budgets

12-week project to improve the processes of your operations for max profitability.

  • For Business Owners Who:
  • ✅ Have to be involved in operations
  • ✅ Don't have time for a vacation
  • ✅ Don't trust the system to be successful
  • ✅ Wonder if all the pieces work together
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Have an Ops team working perfectly
  • ❌ Aren't involved in the day to day
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Project: TidyVault

Your finances can't be an afterthought. Clear, thoughtful financial processes create higher profits and more choices.

Get smarter financial process in just 8 weeks by our team of finance experts.

  • For Business Owners Who:
  • ✅ Need their numbers to make decisions
  • ✅ Don't have purchasing & contract staff
  • ✅ Aren't getting regular reports
  • ✅ Can't afford mistakes
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Have a finance team working perfectly
  • ❌ Have automated financial processes
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Project: FireFighter

Most business owners spend their time putting out fires in sales, operations, HR, and across the business.

12-week project to install a company operating model that gets you freedom.

  • For Business Owners Who:
  • ✅ Don't delegate efficiently or often
  • ✅ Need systems and processes
  • ✅ Are burned out by doing everything
  • ✅ Want more time and freedom
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Are hands-off in their business
  • ❌ Have systems and automation working
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Step Three

Finding the Right Buyers
& Ideal Deal Structure

Stage Three is about having a clear strategy for your deal. It's a go-to-market plan, it's surrounding yourself with the right experts, and it's knowing exactly what you want to get out of the transaction before you start the process.

Exit-Ready Deal Team Icon

Build Your Deal / Transaction Team

Surround yourself with the right experts in legal, finance, and deal-making to ensure the best outcomes. Also, prepare your internal team appropriately.

Go-To-Market: List and Promote to Buyers

Find the right buyers who value your business and your needs for your exit from the business. Get multiple offers and create competition by timing your market strategy.

Deal-Making: Negotiate and Close the Deal

Use the right strategies to negotiate your best deal. Focusing on getting everything right and having no regrets!
STEP 3: Services for Business Owners Ready to Sell Their Business
Loam Exits provides services to help you as a business owner when you are ready to sell. You know what you want and now it's time to go and get it in the market. Building the team and going to market.

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

– Andrew Carnegie

Deal Coaching

If you're committed to doing the deal yourself, let our coaches help you with personal, one-hour weekly sessions .

Straight talk from advisors who have built, bought, and sold as owners themselves.

  • For Owners Who Need Help:
  • ✅ Making key deal-making decisions
  • ✅ Analyzing deal & negotiation tactics
  • ✅ Getting feedback on next steps
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Know it all already
  • ❌ Are ok with making big mistakes
Schedule Deal Coaching

Deal Lead

We will help you successfully sell your business to a great buyer by personally leading your business transaction.

Selling your business for the highest value in finances, freedom, and legacy building.

  • For Owners Who:
  • ✅ Want the best deal possible
  • ✅ Need help assembling the team
  • ✅ Want leadership every step of the way
  • -------------------------
  • Not For Owners Who:
  • ❌ Want to do this themselves
  • ❌ Will risk messing up this transaction
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