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Learn Everything You Need to Know To Sell Your Business

Exit-Ready Bootcamp for Business Owners.

You will learn new things about selling a business and how to prepare. We guarantee the time you spend with us will be valuable, so reach out and find a time to connect directly with our experts in exit coaching.

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Summary of our
1:1 Exit Coaching

Take action with 8 weeks of high-impact coaching one-on-one with an experienced Exit Coach who will help you become confident, prepared, and successful at exiting your business with no regrets. Achieving the freedom, financial goals, and the legacy you seek.

Week 1

Ownership Goals

Discover, document, and get intentional about your goals as owner as you plan your exit with our exit strategy coach. Key exit goal areas are financial, freedom, and legacy.
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Week 2

Owner Exit-Readiness

How prepared are you to exit the business? Evaluate owner dependence, timeline, strategy & potential buyers. Analyzing what specific financial gaps you have and when you can retire. 
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Week 3

Understanding Your Valuation

Maximizing your business exit means understanding all the details of how a buyer will assess the worth of your business. Together, we build a valuation assessment for your business. Giving you clarity and ensuring you know exactly how business valuations work.
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Week 4

Right Seats, Right People

Next, we look at your organization & team. Are they ready to lead? Do you have the people in the right roles? By understanding your team structure and leadership -- we gain essential insight into what internal sales options you have and who can lead after your exit.
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Week 5

Predictable Sales & Marketing

We turn your revenue projections from impossible to predictable. We look at the model you need to showcase to an acquirer that your business has revenue generation systems bringing steady leads and sales for your business. Whether you're selling or not.
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Week 6

Operating Systems

How your business gets work done is critical. Your systems drive your success and create transferrable value in your business after you are gone. Exit coaching ensures you know your options and what buyers want in a purchase. They want minimal risk to their investment, and operational systems help to reduce that risk.
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Week 7

Incentivizing Your Team

Closing the deal requires intense activity from your team. Plus, you'll need a clear plan for keeping your team on after the transaction. We can help.
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Week 8

Closing Your Freedom Gap

We dive into how big of a gap exists between your exit goals and the current value of your business. Then we build a plan together that gets you the precise plan you need to close the gap between your ideal exit goals and the timing needed to make it happen. Coaching you along the way.
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Free Company Valuation

When you choose to work with Loam, you get a free comprehensive company valuation included with your coaching. We usually charge for the valuation because it takes time and deep expertise to get it right.


Find a Time to Get Started.
8 Weeks of Exit-Ready Coaching.

Space is limited. Find a time to connect for a video call and get an invite sent directly to your inbox with all the information. You pick the time that works best for you.

***We guarantee our coaching will deliver 10x the value of the coaching investment to your business exit, and we will give you your money back, no questions asked if it doesn't meet your expectations and you've done the work.